Imagine you were a clown.




Imagine you were a little robot. Beep beep!portrait robot

Two little experiments in imagination. I spent some time thinking about my approach to drawing and making work – maximising and then minimising form, shape, pattern, ideas… Could I push these extremes even further?


Pots (old friends)

I found these amazing Austrian and German mid-century pots amongst a whole stack in a charity shop… it took all my willpower to only take two to the counter. I imagine these two have been sitting next each other on the same shelf for the past sixty years. They are old friends. (The blue jug is my favourite).



I now need to gather the strength to avoid going back and buying the others. I can’t promise anything though…


I’ve been working on some portraits… quite small (for me) and made in pencil, ink and emulsion. I’ve worked from photographs but abstracted specific elements to flat shapes.

portrait02blogBeing a thrifter at heart, the emulsion paint was taken from an old tester pot that was hanging about. Being a curator at heart, I’m planning to make many more of these and select a grouping of them to make a small zine.


I can’t help feeling that the way we take pictures – and therefore the way we think about photographic imagery – has changed. We see digital images of ourselves all the time, so much so that photographs often don’t seem special any more. It’s nice to take digital photographs and turn them into something precious, rare even. That’s how memories should feel.