I like using sketchbooks. There’s something liberating about being able to visually articulate, explore and collate new ideas. My sketchbooks are just for me and I don’t judge my ideas as they appear on the page.


Sorting through my huge stack of sketchbooks for a recent lecture, I realised how much my process has changed from my student days – what was once A3 and in pencil is now A5 and collaged. But whilst my sketchbooks have changed dramatically, they have always served the same purpose. They’re just a place for ideas to hang out for a while whilst my brain tries to make some kind of connection between them all. Projects (books, zines or concepts for future work) come from making order out that chaos.


Thrifty Labels

A pack of Spanish souvenir playing cards?

A broken necklace?

A box of typewriter-style alphabet stamps?


All stuff I’ve gathered on my many charity shop trips… things I have NEEDED because they were beautifully odd (or just oddly beautiful).

Well, they can’t just sit in a drawer forever, can they? So I made some labels.

Like you do.


Pots (old friends)

I found these amazing Austrian and German mid-century pots amongst a whole stack in a charity shop… it took all my willpower to only take two to the counter. I imagine these two have been sitting next each other on the same shelf for the past sixty years. They are old friends. (The blue jug is my favourite).



I now need to gather the strength to avoid going back and buying the others. I can’t promise anything though…